Come. Climb up to Ameztigain Sagardotegia, in the Gran Camping Zarautz.

Come, and if it is possible to you, with a little time. So you can take a walk to whet your appetite, and get closer to the cliff to see the glow of the Bay of Biscay, the waves on the beach of Zarautz, the unmistakable silhouette of the mouse of Getaria. And if you come to dinner in summer, an incredible sunset. Then, clear-minded by the breeze of the sea and dumbfounded by the beauty of the landscape, sit in one of our two dining rooms or in the terrace, under the trees. And get ready to enjoy what is good: Galician prime beef, veal rib, fish bought in the local market, vegetables from the own kitchen garden, homemade desserts. And, of course, excellent cider from six different barrels that are changed every year. You also have rations, sandwich-baguettes and set main courses. And all at a good price. Ameztigain Sagardotegia. With children playground. So that everyone feels at home. Come and taste.